Guest Post: Six Sigma – A Splendid Waste of Time

I work in the service industry. For my sins I am responsible for process improvement.

Six Sigma is widely regarded as the process improvement methodology of choice. The logic is that as an industry we are data rich, so a process improvement methodology that is data led has to be a good thing. Consequently there has been a huge investment in Six Sigma training over the past few years. I have master black belts and black belts and green belts and yellow belts coming out of my ears. Thousands, if not millions of pounds have been spent on Minitab licences, training manuals, and consultants.

And I guess that 99% of it has been a splendid waste of time, let me be stronger, Six Sigma has precisely no practical application in my industry at all (might as well be hung for a sheep as a lamb). If that sounds a little strong let me explain why.

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