Our Business Process Analysts are here to take the pain out of process improvement. We act as additional resources to help drive your improvement efforts. Our approach is practical and results driven. We systematically help organizations like yours achieve business goals by freeing your processes of waste and allowing them room to produce more value. Our methods are based on Lean Six Sigma methodologies, but we focus on only the right tools for each unique situation.

By partnering with Verdico Solutions on your improvement journey, you will be guided through each of the 6 cornerstones of such journeys:

#1 Strategic Assessment

Do you know where you want to be in 5 years? Better yet, do your employees or customers?

#2 Comprehensive Analysis

In depth assessment of current practices and operational issues

#3 Project Planning

Establish project deliverables and timelines.

#4 Solution Implementation

We guide you through implementation and provide the resources and support to enable your employees in their new processes.

#5 Change Management Support

We are there to help you manage change and ease the transition to better processes.