Custom Design & Development

Our custom software designers will help you evaluate business practices and software solutions designed to improve your operational efficiencies, your time, and your money. Our goal is to design and build the most effective solution for your requirements. We make recommendations based on the best way to meet your needs, rather than “pushing product.” Whether we represent a certain product or not, we’ll make sure your getting everything you need and do the legwork to bring it all together.

Custom Software Development We Do For Oil And Gas

Mineral Management

  • Interactive GIS dashboard including wellbore & tool tip data
  • Flexible query capabilities
  • Capture mineral ownership at seller & property level
  • Auto-generate well inventory and track paid-on wells and interest
  • Summarize cost of ownership at purchase and property levels
  • Document association and storage

Drilling & Exploration

  • Manage lands in separate AMIs & Prospects
  • Detailed management reporting & querying
  • Generate division of interest for validation against title opinions
  • Manage lease expirations & obligations
  • Integrate with accounting, production tracking, and RRC
  • Track operations and land activities related to drilling
  • User notifications

Surface Damages

  • User entry of surface damages
  • Auto-generate invoices
  • Approval workflow
  • Administrative console
  • User/admin notifications
  • Document association and storage
  • Revenue by time period or customer