Business Strategy:

strategyWe help companies clarify key business needs and opportunities so you can determine priorities and directions. Without a sound strategic plan, a business can easily stray off-course, losing sight of objectives and missing critical opportunities. Too often, poor judgment and miscalculations derail promising transactions. Verdico assesses your structure, system and operations and other strategic issues that are vital to your organization health and offers a unique, disciplined approach to critical transactions. We integrate immediately into your operations to remediate underlying problems and quickly achieve results.

Process Analysis:

gears-2Business process improvement and resource optimization are a crucial element to the success of your company. Verdico provides a comprehensive solution that allows organizations to discover, model, analyze and optimize their business processes. We help you execute process improvement initiatives in cost, quality, flexibility, and speed. Processes have a significant impact on the performance of a business our goal is to significantly impact the performance of your business and provide you with the tools to improve daily decisions.

Technology Assessment:

techPrioritizing and managing technology initiatives can be challenging, yet failure to do so can spell disaster for any organization. Success requires leadership with both technology know-how and a strategic perspective that accelerates results. Decisions about technology cannot be undertaken lightly. They require a strategic approach that ensures technology is an enabler, rather than a constraint. Verdico is adept at assessing technological issues, determining appropriate options and developing an action plan for implementation.

Stakeholder Alignment:

stakeholdersA fundamental requirement of all development projects is that the objectives reflect the needs of the society and interest groups, and not merely the internal needs of institutions. Verdico aids in identifying all persons, institutions, etc. involved in a project and the impact affected by the development, both positively or negatively, directly or indirectly. Successful projects require internal understanding and involvement and in-depth understanding of the organization and authorities involved.