Enterprise Search

Experience in the configuration, setup and feeding of content into Google, MaxxCat and Thunderstone search appliances as well as providing connectivity into search appliances from Exchange, SharePoint, File systems, Documentum, FileNet, databases, Open Text Livelink and others. We also wrote and support several open source projects for the Google search appliance including a OneBox module that returns employee user information from LDAP along with Exchange free/busy schedule and a .NET web service project that feeds external data formatted according to the Google feed API.

Business Intelligence/Data Warehouse

Verdico Solutions has managed many data warehousing projects using both Oracle and SQL Server. Our free SQL Server automation tools will get you up and running quickly as they auto generate SSIS packages and SQL scripts to create heap tables to load source data into your data warehouse staging area. We also provide a multithreaded application that executes SSIS packages then to load your stating area from all source systems then systematically load your warehouse or marts based on data dependencies. Using a variable number of threading, our custom dependency process and loading algorithms ensure you get the fasted possible data loading of your warehouse from source systems then dimension data then fact or measure tables.

If reporting is what you need we provide services using Cognos, SQL Server Analytics, SQL Server Reporting or Crystal reports. We can also take your data and create custom applications to display in heat maps using Google or Bing maps.

Custom Development

Featured work includes the completion of a robust custom search appliance to connector library for use in the enterprise search industry. Using this application our customer is quickly emerging as a leader in enterprise connectivity using our development services.

Current development features a Virtual Well File system that is an enterprise-wide application encompassing land management, drilling rig schedules, completion data, fracking data and daily and historical well production.Land data is displayed geographically to provide visual assessment of surface and mineral ownership.

Past services have also been used in providing analysis and the development of a custom procurement system used to purchase and track $550 million of products and services.

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